We are passionate about telling stories that can bring light to today’s social issues and invoke change in our behaviour, outlook and actions. Started in 2017, Potential Pictures’ documentary division has become a passion that helps better serve clients with their stories and their mission. If you or your organization would like to support these stories, we would love to hear from you – please contact us!

No Running

Physical education in our schools needs to change. No Running is an in-depth look at how various people – educators, parents, administrators, and others – are coming together to make physical education a key piece in combating the global obesity epidemic.

No Running is a must-watch for every parent and educator.

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The Co$t of Winning

The Co$t of Winning is the story about our obsession with developing specialized, high-level athletes from a young age, and the multi-billion business of youth sports.

The Co$t of Winning is a thought-provoking documentary that takes a hard look at the lingering effects these factors have on young athletes’ long-term development and enjoyment of sport.

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Hero’s Rescue

The traumas that First Responders witness has a tremendous impact on their mental and physical health, and has tragically led many to take their own lives.

Hero’s Rescue, now in production, aims to educate viewers about the importance of metal health support and compassion for the brave men and women who choose careers as First Responders.

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Six Months

It was just another day, and Harry was out for a run. In a good week, he often ran about a half-marathon. Health was always important to Harry, and running was a passion. But one day, what he thought was just a minor injury turned out to be something no one can prepare for.

Six Months will take us on an emotional journey of what happens when you are diagnosed with a disease that slowly shuts down your body.

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