Hero’s Rescue Now In Development

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We’re excited to let you know that Potential Pictures has embarked on another important documentary project, this time focused on mental wellness for First Responders and their families.

Titled Hero’s Rescue, the film aims to help break the silence surrounding the mental effects the job can have on the brave men and women who take on careers as First Responders, as well as the toll that the job can take on their families.

When we set out to rebrand Potential Pictures last year, we were looking to develop projects that were meant to create a movement:

  • Driving results or a Call to Action
  • Educating, or inspiring social / personal change
  • Being part of something great!

Hero’s Rescue is exactly that. Featuring US and Canadian First Responders, the film hopes to educate viewers about the importance of metal health support and compassion for these brave men and women.

Trailer: Hero’s Rescue

Support Hero’s Rescue

To help support this important documentary, please share the link to the trailer (https://vimeo.com/269057973) as widely as possible.

If you or your organization is interested in participating in or sponsoring this film, please contact us at info@potentialpictures.com for a sponsorship package.