Project Update: Hero’s Rescue

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This October, we continue to add to the Hero’s Rescue story, filming with Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services in British Columbia, Canada. We will be focused on their Resilient Mind training modules, which the department has implemented into their new recruits training.

Each VFRS recruit is eager, excited and ready for their new career to begin. Guaranteed they will be witness to tragedies. Guaranteed it will affect them. Guaranteed this department wants to do everything possible they can to support them. The class of recruits will be a focus of filming throughout the year as they are armed with coping skills and resources to handle the worst of the human condition.

Why First Responders’ Mental Health Has Become More Important than Ever

At one point in all our lives, a First Responder will be there in our worst moment to help us. The traumas they witness has an impact on their brain and body, and has tragically led many to take their own lives. While suicide provides a dark escape from their suffering, it leaves behind more pain and trauma for their families.

The stigma surrounding mental wellness has no place in today’s society. Hero’s Rescue will educate viewers and help them understand the importance of support and compassion for First Responders who are suffering from mental health issues.

How to Support This Film

You can help support Hero’s Rescue:

  • find out how your First Responder organization can be part of this important story
  • get your city involved and be part of change
  • help with distribution when the film is finished
  • become a film sponsor

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