November Documentary Update

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Hero’s Rescue Filming Now Wrapped

The documentary project Hero’s Rescue has just wrapped up filming for October. Capturing Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service’s Resilient Mind training modules is now complete. The new recruits are now equipped with a better understanding of the human mind and how it normally reacts to abnormal situations.

VFRS recruits became First Responders because the heeded a calling to help their community; it’s critical that the community supports them when they are in pain or suffering. We will be checking in with this cohort of First Responders throughout the year to document how they are coping with the traumas they are responding to.

Why Hero’s Rescue?

At one point in all our lives, First Responders will be there in our worst moment to help us. The traumas they witness has an impact on their brain and body, and has led many to tragically take their own lives. Suicide is an escape from the suffering they feel; this escape leaves behind more pain and trauma for their families.

The stigma surrounding mental wellness has no place in today’s society. This film will educate viewers and help them understand the importance of support and compassion for First Responders who are suffering from mental health issues. Every First Responder organization must begin to provide mental wellness support in their training. This story will show us why.

The Cost of Winning One Step Closer to Completion

Permission granted! The Cost of Winning is one step closer to completion. This November we are filming in a local school to ask kids, the most important people in the sports equation, “Why do you like to play sports?”

Physical Education in our school system is often the first real chance that kids have to try a sport. Are we equipping them early enough to have the skills to want to participate in the first place? As we film in the school this November we will talk to the teachers and the kids about this important aspect of sports development.

A huge thank you to Sport New Zealand for supplying footage of parents’ stories, and to the NHL for their contribution. The journey continues!

Why The Cost of Winning?

Being active and having fun is instinctual in children and playing sports is an important part of their development. But somewhere along the way, for many, it isn’t fun anymore. Why are we starting to see the trends of young people dropping out of sports? Why are parents feeling pressured to commit their kids to play one sport all year long? What are organizations, leagues coaches, parents and schools doing to foster the pure love of a sport, and do they have a long-term athlete development plan? Are the decisions we’re making in the best interest of the child and their development?

These are questions we all need to ask ourselves when signing up our kids for any sport. The Cost of Winning is a documentary that explores these questions and tries to come up with some answers.

How to Support Potential Pictures’ Documentaries

You can help support our documentaries in several ways:

  • find out how your organization can be part of these important stories
  • get your city involved and be part of change
  • help with distribution when the film is finished
  • become a film sponsor

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