Potential Pictures : Documentaries

Following a rebranding in 2018, Potential Pictures, a successful Lower Mainland video production company, set out to develop projects that were meant to create a movement:

  • Driving results or a Call to Action
  • Educating, or inspiring social / personal change
  • Being part of something great!

Do you have a subject for a documentary that needs to be told? Let’s tell your story, together. Contact us today to discuss your project, or to become involved in one of our current projects.

Atlee James

Director & Editor

Atlee has been passionately involved in video producing since high school. A graduate of UBC with a degree in environmental chemistry and minor in film studies, he chose film to ultimately become his career.

Atlee founded the production company Potential Pictures in 1999, shortly after graduation. For the past 17 years he has helped various clients with their communication goals, including the YMCA, Nike, Toronto Raptors, BC Hydro, The University of British Columbia, Doctors of BC and Fraser Health.

With growing experience, Atlee has developed a strong sense of storytelling in all his projects.