The traumas that First Responders witness has a tremendous impact on their mental and physical health, and has tragically led many to take their own lives.

Hero’s Rescue, now in production, aims to educate viewers about the importance of metal health support and compassion for the brave men and women who choose careers as First Responders.

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At one point in all our lives, First Responders will be there in our worst moment to help us. The traumas they witness has an impact on their brain and body, and has led many to tragically take their own lives. Suicide is an escape from the suffering they feel; this escape leaves behind more pain and trauma for their families.

The stigma surrounding mental wellness has no place in today’s society. This film will educate viewers and help them understand the importance of support and compassion for First Responders who are suffering from mental health issues. Every First Responder organization must begin to provide mental wellness support in their training. This story will show us why.

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“We are not robots and we have emotions. Sometimes the calls we go on we are going to have a reaction to.”

Steve Fraser – Captain of Mental Health and Wellness Vancouver Fire-rescue Services

I started to feel like I was unraveling … I would perform at work, but outside of that, I was truly unraveling. You can only stuff your emotions for so long until something happens.

Chief Jennifer Tejada – Emeryville Poilice, California

It doesn’t always have to be the horrible, graphic scene to get your attention. Sometimes it’s just the one that could of ended badly… but didn’t.

Chief John CarliVacaville Police, California

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